Welcoming Our Brothers & Sisters From Local 273

September 22, 2020

Welcome to the team, Local 273!

Every one of our members makes our Union strong and our work successful. Together, we’ve been able to negotiate great wages, benefits, and safe working conditions. Our solidarity has also helped us navigate our country’s public health and economic challenges over the last few months and emerge strong and united.

That’s why we’re proud to welcome our Brothers and Sisters from Local 273 into our Union.

We know they’ve faced some tough times after Columbia Gas of Massachusetts was shut down and liquidated following the 2018 gas explosion in northern Massachusetts. Local 273 members worked around the clock throughout that crisis to restore gas services to residents and prioritized safety above all else.

To complete the merger, we voted at special meetings on Wednesday, August 12 and on Monday, August 31 to approve final updated amendments to our by-laws:

  • Updated Appendix B regarding the structure of Local 369’s Business Agents and Executive Boards.
  • Revised Articles XIV and XVII to allow for two Business Agents to represent the entire membership, subject to direction from the President.
  • Voted to leave two Executive Board seats vacant until the effective date of the merger with Local 273.

These hardworking men and women will bring their skill and dedication to our great Union. Standing at 2,900 members strong, we are better positioned than ever to continue securing great contracts, rich healthcare, post-employment benefits, and livelihoods for our families.