About Us

A chartered organization of the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA), UWUA Local 369 represents over 3,300 plus members working in the utility industry with service territory extending from Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard through the South Shore, Boston, North of Boston, and Central and Western parts of Massachusetts. We represent members at 12 different companies. Our companies include independent generation facilities, local utility companies, utility construction companies, communication companies, and global energy conglomerates.

Our members are comprised of a wide range of positions in the utility industry including transmission and distribution divisions, call center representative and administrative specialists, meter reading, engineers and work controllers, mechanics, fossil generation technicians, nuclear power reactor operators, scientists and chemists, computer engineers and technicians, laboratory instrument control, radiation protection technicians, technical specialists, instructors, nuclear maintenance mechanics, utility construction workers communication workers, and many more specialty classifications.

The structure of Local 369 is primarily based upon the merger of several different locals in the utility industry. Through our democratic systems of operations and diverse make up, we believe that it is our membership who decides the direction and future of local 369. We are deeply committed to the communities of which we serve and reside. Local 369 strives to ensure the safe operations of each facility to safeguard our members and protect the public. Our community liaison ensures that we are in touch with our communities providing assistance wherever it is needed throughout Massachusetts. This involves out reach to veterans and special needs adults.

Our leadership is comprised of a President, Secretary-Treasurer, Executive Vice President, Business Agents. Our local governance is directed by the Local 369 Executive Board. All of our leadership positions are elected by our membership. It is through this election process that we are able to maintain our democratic philosophy and mission set forth by our members. Our membership is our greatest asset. We believe that membership involvement is paramount to the success and future of Local 369.