Taking Action: Top Legislation for Utility Workers

April 5, 2021

Standing for Workers in Washington

Last year, we worked hard to elect strong union champions to public office all across the country. Now it’s time for politicians to do their part and stand with workers. That’s why we’re working with the Biden administration and Congress to pass a Workers First Agenda this year.

Workers First Agenda

  • Protect unions, wages, and benefits like ours by passing legislation like the PRO Act
  • Prioritize COVID-19 safety with rapid testing and vaccinations for all workers, improved PPE distribution, and effective safety standards
  • Invest in union jobs across the country
  • Ensure racial and economic justice throughout our economy

Click here to add your voice and tell Congress to support the Workers First Agenda today.

First Responder Status in Massachusetts

Communities across the country depend on utility workers to keep vital services running, now more than ever. Whenever there’s a gas or electric emergency, we’re always on the scene, alongside firefighters, law enforcement, and paramedics.
But utility workers still aren’t recognized as first responders — making it harder to access the site of an emergency and get critical supplies.
We’re standing up to urge state legislators to recognize utility workers as first responders, and make sure we have the tools we need to do our jobs in times of crisis.

Click here to to sign UWUA’s petition urging state legislatures to recognize utility workers as first responders.