UWUA Update on COVID-19

March 18, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The situation with the expanding coronavirus outbreak is more wide-reaching than any of us could have imagined. Despite the depth of it growing every day, please understand that your union — UWUA Local 369 — is here for you, working tirelessly to minimize the exposure to you and your loved ones.

You deserve absolutely nothing less. You have been out there throughout this entire situation, ensuring the public, businesses, government and all of society gets the services they need to continue operating as normally as possible.

We need them to be at their best, and we need you to be at your best. That’s why we’ve done everything we possibly can to ensure your safety. Local 369 has been in close contact with each of your employers to make those arrangements from working from home for those of you who are able to, rearranging start and finish times and working with more flexible scheduling to expanding childcare options, to limiting the necessity to enter customers’ homes, to ensuring every site where you’re working has the necessary supplies.

If you have any questions or concerns, please know we are always here for information and support. You serve our communities and we serve you.

We are proud to be Utility Workers, the people who are at their best during violent acts of nature, power outages and now, in times of national emergencies. We’ll continue to be at our best because that’s what the public needs and the public expects. That’s who we are.

We’ll weather this as we’ve weathered every other challenge – with hard work, integrity and talent. Thank you for all that you’re doing. It is a pleasure to serve you.

In solidarity,

Craig Pinkham
UWUA Local 369