On the Front Lines: Protecting Workers at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant

December 20, 2019

Since the closing of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station was first announced in October 2015, UWUA Local 369 has worked tirelessly to minimize the impact on our members. With the help of Executive Board Member John Daly and the bargaining committee, hundreds of men and women that were affected with this decision could have been left out in the cold, as they so often are when plants close.

Thankfully, we came prepared and we fought hard. As a result, we successfully negotiated lucrative retention and decommission agreements and excellent severance packages for hundreds of our members.

Our work isn’t done. We still have Brothers and Sisters working at the plant, and we need to make sure they have a place to land as the decommissioning process continues. Every member is a part of the Local 369 family, and we stand by each other, always.

We’re also watching closely to ensure the plant is decommissioned safely. It’s a dangerous job, and we’re making sure that our highly skilled and highly trained members of Local 369 are the experts performing the work during the decommissioning process. We care about the health and safety of our members, and our communities.