Labor Day 2022: Honoring workers today and always

September 5, 2022

Brothers and Sisters,

Today, we honor the strength and successes of the workers who united to demand change over the years. We also celebrate the many hard-fought victories of our own union, which has made great strides toward a better quality of life for our members, our families, and our communities.

Local 369 is proud to stand on the shoulders of workers who came before us, and to continue to fight for workplace safety, family-sustaining wages, strong benefits, and workers’ rights for all.

It’s a historic time for the labor movement as public support for labor unions surges to 71%. That’s no surprise to us!

This Labor Day, we thank you for your expertise and skill on the job, and for your solidarity, always and everywhere. I hope this day brings you rest and relaxation and time with family and friends!


Thank you for your hard work,

Officers of UWUA Local 369


Beat the Heat

September 5, 2022