Huge Healthcare Savings for Local 369 Members and Families

December 10, 2019

While healthcare costs skyrocket and non-union employers push more and more of the burden onto working families, we’re proud to report that we’ve successfully cut annual premium costs for members by an average of 28% across the board at National Grid.

Making changes to the health plan wasn’t a simple task. We consulted with our bargaining committees and healthcare providers to determine cost effective ways to increase access to medical professionals, so you could keep your doctors without spending more each year. Working closely with leading healthcare providers, we were able to produce healthcare plans with lower upfront costs for our members.

The new plan maintains the same level of healthcare coverage for members and their families, while lowering costs. As we’ve implemented the new policy, members are seeing lower deductions from their paychecks and lower upfront costs at the doctor’s office. This is another example of how UWUA 369 fights for our members every day.

If you have any questions about the new healthcare plan and the costs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Secretary-Treasurer Dan Leary at our UWUA 369 offices at (781) 848-3740 and please visit to learn more about our union benefits.