Answering the Call: Eversource-Westwood Customer Interaction Center

December 29, 2020

Residents all across Eastern Massachusetts depend on our work to power their homes, run their businesses, cook for their families, and stay warm during the winter months. And when they need help, the men and women at the Eversource Customer Interaction Center (CIC) in Westwood, MA are the first to respond.

The center is staffed by our 95-person team of Local 369 Customer Service Representatives, who field hundreds of calls a day from residents in need. They help customers plan for moves, assist with bill payments, and more.

While most representatives have been working from home during the pandemic, a small on-site group continues to run key operations for the CIC throughout the winter.

“COVID has hit a lot of key customers hard, and our main focus as essential workers is to be compassionate, kind, and reassuring,” shares Customer Service Representative Joanie McAlear, who fields calls and assists with operations.

The team is specially trained to troubleshoot “one call resolutions” so customers don’t have to call back multiple times.

When there’s a gas or electric emergency, Local 369 representatives coordinate on-the-ground solutions to make sure power is resolved as quickly as possible. If customers are worried about bill payments, our team members will connect them with resources and support.

“You can hear the relief in their voice when they hear that their power and gas won’t be shut off,” says Heather Munroe, who’s been working with Eversource for seven years. “It makes you feel better because we’re usually telling them that they have a shut off notice, and we’re here to help people.”

The Westwood team’s commitment to the community doesn’t stop when they hang up the phone, though. One team member, Dave Cash, sends well-wishes to customers around the holidays. For others, he’s even helped coordinate assistance from local nonprofits. Dave’s mantra is “always help someone – you might be the only one that does.”

This winter season, we’re proud of all our Customer Service Representatives who are answering the call for our communities during this difficult time.